About Smart Green.

Shaping The Future

Our planet is facing major problems like climatic change, extinction of various species and loss of habitat due to the rise in population and the dwindling of natural resources leaving us with no choice but to go green.

In this rapidly changing world, companies should account for the manner that they impact the environment that they function in. Sustainability should be a prerogative for development in today’s day and age. Going green is no more an option for us but rather a pre requisite.

Smart Green Summit is a part of Saint-Gobain’s, ‘Shaping the Future’ initiative that focuses on Wellbeing in Living Spaces, presented in partnership with The Economic Times. The summit focuses on bringing to lime light, the innovative initiatives in the area of tomorrow’s sustainable habitat by recognizing people or organizations behind them.

The event is a one of a kind platform that brings together all the stakeholders in the building and construction industry under one roof – the government, architects, builders, corporate houses, thought leaders and industry bodies who have worked or are contributing to a sustainable habitat through innovation and enormous effort.