What kinds of projects may be submitted for the awards?

The award categories broadly are:

  • Living Space: Homes
  • Living Space: Hospitality
  • Living Spaces: Work
  • Living Spaces: Healthcare
  • Living Spaces: Learning Institutions
  • Living Spaces: Public Utility, Heritage and Conservation
  • Special Categories:

o Technology: This may entail any innovation in technology related to software, construction practices etc.
o Start-up of the year Award: An architectural firm that has been established and registered in or after September, 2011.

More details about the categories and the kinds of entries for each of these categories can be found:

My entry doesn’t fit in any mentioned categories. How can I be a part of the awards?

In case you want to submit entries that do not fit in any of the mentioned categories, please write to us at smartgreenawards@gmail.com regarding your entry. (details such as project name, short brief, location can be mailed)

What are the submission requirements for the awards entries?

For categories other than “special categories”, the submission requirements are as follows:

(All requirements marked with a * are compulsory.)

 Conceptual level sketches/ ideas – optional
 Architectural drawings (all drawings that suit best to explain the project*):

o Site plan (for macro)
o Floor plans
o Sections
o Elevations
o Materials and other details

 3-D views – optional
 Photographic documentation*
 Post occupancy documentation – optional

What is the submission format for entries?

The requirement for submission for categories other than “special categories” is :

 Maximum of 2 A2 sheets in high resolution pdf or ppt format. Sheets must contain name of project and location.
 No names of participants to be mentioned on the sheets. The received entries will be re-coded for anonymity for the jury by the organisers.
 The content must be clearly titled with sheet numbers mentioned. The word file and the ppt/pdf should be all put into one folder titled „name of architect/project name/ location/ category name‟.
 Please mark North Direction wherever applicable to show orientation of drawings

What are the evaluation criteria?

The evaluation criteria broadly shall be:

 The Design Concept
 Sustainability

o Environmental
o Economic
o Social

 Novelty/ Innovation
 Building materials
 Efficiency of design
 Multi-Comfort (Acoustic, Thermal, Solar, Indoor Air Quality, Safety)

Please note that these are just broad heads under which evaluation may or may not occur and that the jury will have the final word.

What is the last date of submission?

The last date of submission is 5th November 2016.

Who can participate in the competition?

This contest is open to –

  1. Indian organizations / individuals are permitted to participate in the awards i.e. organizations with a registered address and who conduct business / have operations in India. However, foreign architects/design consultancy firms who have designed a project in India and do not have a permanent establishment may also be considered. Furthermore, only projects in India are allowed to participate in the awards.
  2. Projects nominated for award categories are eligible only if the projects were completed between September, 2011 and September, 2016.
  3. Participants (including individual and top management executives of participating organization) must not have been convicted and / or prosecuted for commission of any criminal offence.
  4. Participants (including individual and top management executives of participating organization) must not be under any legal disability e.g. insolvency, restraint by court order etc. and / or is prohibited from entering any contractual relationship.

I am a student studying architecture/ design. Can I participate in the competition?

No, students cannot take part in the competition. This is only for professionals and not for students.

The submission is via e-mail only or in addition any hard copies/ prints are required.

Submissions are to be sent only through email. Hard copies are not required.

In submission format it’s written that “only 2 A2 sheets in high resolution pdf or ppt format are required”. Does it mean that nothing other than these 2 A2 sheets can be submitted?

For Categories other than “special categories” – all that we require is a complete nomination form and 2 A2 sheets. No more and nothing else is required.

Under the head of submission requirement there are few optional deliverables. So if we want to submit these optional deliverables these are to be submitted in the specified 2 A2 sheets or these are to be submitted in additional sheets?

Yes, even the optional deliverable need to be within the 2 A2 sheets

In submission format’s third point it is mention that “The word file and ppt/pdf should be all put into one folder”. Please clarify what is required in this word file? Is this for the brief of project?

The word file here is the nomination form that needs to be submitted. This nomination form as well as your 2 A2 sheets needs to be put into one folder OR they should both be sent as attachments on one single mail while submitting.

Is any form of green certification mandatory for me to send in an entry for these awards?

No, green rating isn‟t mandatory.

My entry doesn’t fulfil the minimum (or maximum) area mentioned in the brief. Can I still submit it?

Please do submit your entry for any category you think your submission qualifies for. We shall make it available to the jury to view and decide.

Explain the procedure for submitting an entry for the awards

You can nominate your projects for the Awards in the following three simple steps:

  1. Register on www.smartgreen.in and generate a Unique ID
  2. Basis the ID generated, fill up the Nomination form
  3. Send in the submissions as per the format requested, to smartgreenawards@gmail.com
  4. What is the submission format for “Special Categories”?

Special Categories: technology

You will need to send a complete nomination form and 2 A2 sheets. No more and nothing else is required.

Special Categories: start-up of the year

You will need to send a complete nomination form. You will also need to provide a link to your website or portfolio.