Angelene Chan

CEO, DP Architects, Singapore

Angelene Chan is the CEO of DP Architects and its group of companies. She sees the practice of architecture as a deeply meaningful act that has the power to foster a strong sense of community and improve lives. Her projects have won multiple awards including the President’s Design Award twice, the highest design accolade in Singapore. Angelene has been instrumental in extending DP’s global presence, with projects in countries such as France, Kazakhstan, Korea, UK and Vietnam. Rooted in the belief that research and discourse are powerful drivers of design, she has instituted design-critique and knowledge-sharing platforms, and a publishing programme at DP, serving as the editor-in-chief. Angelene sits on Singapore’s Board of Architects, the statutory authority that regulates the standards of the profession. A respected figure in the architecture community, she has been invited to speak at international conferences including World Architecture Festival in London, Symposium on Liveable Cities in Berlin and Architecture Construction Conference in Dubai. She was a recipient of the RBS Coutts and Financial Times Women in Asia Award and Her World Woman of the Year award for her professional achievements and contributions to society.