Frven Lim

Director, DP Architect, London

Frven Lim is the Director of DP International (UK), the London studio of DP Architects.

Mr Lim is a thought leader in future trends of urban cities and the subject of affordable housing, and passionately champions “making a difference through design”. Mr Lim has a personal built track record of more than 11,000 residential units and more than 1.3 million square metres of built real estate, covering multiple building typologies, over his 18-year professional career. He has authored and edited many publications, including Housing People (published in 2012), and an essay published in conjunction with the 1000+ Singapore’s exhibition held at Paris’ City Hall in 2015.

Trained at London’s Architectural Association School of Architecture, he practices with an experimental and research-based approach, as well as the concept of ‘practice as design enterprise’. This originality is evident in his works, and has earned him industry recognitions, including the ‘20 under 45’ accolade accorded by Singapore’s Urban and Redevelopment Authority in 2010.